Progetto Goldstein



Responsabile scientifico per il CeRSE:
prof.ssa Claudia Gina Hassan (Affiliate Researcher, Senior Expert del progetto Goldstein).

In recent years the political uses of new denialisms and conspiracy theories have played a crucial role in the European Union at least in two very important political and social spheres: the fight against climate change and the overcoming of the Covid-19 epidemic. In both cases, in almost all European countries, especially right-wing nationalist Eurosceptic populist parties have systematically used these theories, also linked to new forms of antisemitism, in a strategic way in order to mobilize their followers and enlarge their consent. 

Beginning with new important studies on these burning issues and adopting an interdisciplinary approach founded in political science and political philosophy, this Jean Monnet Module (2022-2025) aims to develop, to share and to disseminate a still missing unitarian conceptual and analytical framework that can offer a more comprehensive critical explanation of these phenomena. 

The module aims to respond to three priorities: increasing knowledge and critical skills to debunk political uses of climate change denial; tackle disinformation linked to the spread of new conspiracy theories, including the field of digital transformation; and fighting religious and ethnic discrimination linked to antisemitism. 

The module responds at the same time to the main objectives of the Jean Monnet Actions: fostering dialogue between the academic world and society, promoting excellence in teaching and research, and developing transnational cooperation.

The module aims to to contribute to the development of awareness of the political and ideological mechanisms linked to new forms of denialism and conspiracy theories used in particular by radical populist and Eurosceptic parties, among different target groups: a) undergraduate students; b) master and PhD students; c) civil servants; d) policy makers; e) other scholars; f) more in general European citizens. 

More closely, this JM Module will try to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change, Covid 19, antisemitism, and more in general the political uses of new forms of denialisms and conspiracy theories at the level of teaching activities, through three series of seminars for undergraduate and PhD students, three summer schools for students and scholars, two workshops devoted to fostering dialogue between academic and civil society, as well as two planned Q&As, devoted specifically to increasing awareness among citizens of the topic of denialism and its populist uses.